Jesus drove a Capricorn-tm

because the smoke
drifts out through the dust-laden screen
as though it were Osama bin Laden

because there’s someone in the alley
and they can only be laughing at me

because the street noise sounds like a deep fryer

because my underwear
have big bats and little balls
all over them

because we’re spending the night
spending the night at the Dominion Hotel

because i’m 44
and tomorrow i’ll move house
for the 46th time

because she is too good
to leave here
in the middle of my life

because I don’t know and never will
because for god (whatever her name is)
it is not a secret

because the smoke has all blown back
into the hotel room
and she is complaining
‘you might as well just smoke in bed,’
as she does her grade 10 math

because poetry is the only thing
which resuscitates me
as i slowly turn to wood

because we have to turn the clocks back
go through the last hour again
–will i say everything i said at 7:39
everything but
‘i’m leaving you.’

because there’s a bar down in the lobby
called ‘The Other Woman’
because the smoke’s blowing out once more
as though
we’d rented an enormous tiki ling
for the night

because in the chorus of ‘YEAH!’
down in the alley
I discerned a quiet

because the sirens

because i can’t stop fearing death

because the past
never intended a future like this
and if they’d seen it coming
they would have hung themselves
in their cells
with their shoelaces
mortgage papers

because i mean well
but i know i’m not saying it

because the smoke

because my old man died when i was just a kid

because Rimbaud should have died in the desert
because i snore like a pariah
because winter
because the cigarette
because she’ll leave me
because ‘sorry’ doesn’t cut it
because they strip you first
because that’s the way i bought them

because the wind
comes and leaves
cheap in a love hotel


4 responses to “Jesus drove a Capricorn-tm

  1. Oh, man. That’s my favourite Patti Smith song. I like how you borrowed an element of the form, or at least that seems like what you are doing.

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