Love Song for Sweet F.A.

1. Night dragged on ‘til just before dawn
and you slept like your execution.
Razor blades drip, rust water strip
the floorboard mattress solution:
: giant whale! Giant whale!
In the gutter, dear gun,
giant whale, black pail, in the gutter
(it can’t be helped, it can’t be helped),
in the goddam gutter, dear gun.

Chorus: Jimson and clover, the pot’s boiled over,
Father’s full of holes, he was sighing.
They’re fighting, they’re asleep,
the cats are in heat

and I’ve been crying
I’ve been crying
I’ve been crying.

yes, I’ve been crying
I’ve been crying
I’ve been crying.

2. Mom’s broken heart, a red shopping cart,
her lungs died of charcoal inhalation
Bottles and cans, those cigarette hands
–blanket rags unlikely insulation
: black slugs! Black slugs!
On the living room rug,
black slugs on the curtain, dear gun
(trouble, trouble; and trouble comes… as it is)
to the chemist for drugs, dear gun.

3. Canes in the trees, crutches to our knees:
mourners at the gates of starvation.
Awake, sister, please! You’re bloody with fleas,
cobbler’s nail vaccination.
* Thin tea, thin tea,
my still-born Sweet Pea,
thin tea the orphans, dear gun
(my little snake-in-the-grass, my anguish).
Orphans with guns, dear slum, dear slum,
orphans with guns, dear slum.

__ ___ _ _ _ ____ _ ___ _ __ _
*as flying ants, silence descends


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