Dear Senior Citizens: Stephen Harper

Dear Seniors, please,
we need you once again,
after turning our backs on you,
and hiding your faces away in homes,
under pills and bad food,
and pacifying your sweet souls with television…
NOW we need you.

Please come out and play,
NOW we need you.

You’ve seen a lot of what rich white men will do,
we need your help to slay a dragon—or two.

God, we NEED your wisdom, so bereft down here,
and we need your voices to flesh out the choir,
WE LOVE YOU, alright? There, I said it,
and for the love of whatever Episcopalian Jehovah
you wanna bring with you,

we need you to take your rightful place
as community advisors, leaders,
as memory, as bearers of justice
(without you, we’re lobotomized).

I don’t know if you’ve noticed
but you’ve helped us elect a monster
—and I only bring it up
because yesterday was Hitler’s birthday.

He’s told you we need prisons
and we need dead and guns for Afghanistan,
and he’s sold Canada’s water
to the highest-paying business man
—you may remember these business men,
they run the care facility you are currently locked within.

Dear seniors, Stephen Harper isn’t your buddy,
he doesn’t stand for safe communities
he doesn’t even stand for Jesus Christ,
he rose, slick and shiny, from the Alberta oil sands.

We’re in a sorry state, dear Seniors
and we could really use your help,
the women’s centres have been shut down
and, perhaps you’ve noticed,

Seniors’ pharma-care funds curtailed,
this Harper isn’t the devil,
because the devil is sort of pretend,
if you really want to help Canada,
then come, let’s rid ourselves of this petro-bog-man.

Dear seniors I ask you especially
Because you seem to be frightened,
like a lot of us
you’ve started believing your television
which is a mistake;
you likely recall
Richard Nixon,
Ronald Reagan,
even Brian Mulroney
and (like Merle Haggard said)
how they lied to us all on TV.

You probably remember
a country that was safe to live in
where people had health care
and access to services and community…

Well, that place is almost a memory
and we’ve rich white supremacists
like Stephen Harper to thank,
oil and gun men laughing
all the way as they empty your bank.

They’re selling off Canada,
and they’re shutting down Canada,
and they’re telling you it has to be this way
to balance the budget,
to lower the deficit
but they’re picking your pockets
and they’ve taken the family silverware,
and they’re sure no-one can stop them
’cause they’ve got the law on their side.

Dear Seniors let’s get rid of these clowns
before they devour the last piece of Dominion cake,
I sure wish you’d do your homework
so you understood just what’s at stake.

Imagine as our dictator
—yes, Stephen Harper—
imposes curfews, makes it illegal to be poor

Which will be most of us,
puts high school kids in adult jails
sells off the Canadian Arctic
blasts a pipeline through unwilling B.C.
prorogues Parliament when he senses any dissent
laughs in the face of starving First Nations
shits down your shirt front when pensions can no longer buy a scrap of bread
IMAGINE all this,
BUT stop imagining because it is real
and you’ll start to understand

Just what sort of freakish monster
has been hoisted
to the highest office in your land,

your home and native land.


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