the West is the best(ard)

and the new architecture
forbids it
and the new city councilors
outlawed it
and they’ve tried to make it about shopping

Communitas isn’t pretty
(this came to me in a dream) it’s gorgeous like watching old people make a baby
the hair all disheveled sputtering insensibilities
love’s a panic, fellah…

Communitas is hideous
the shaving of a cat
drums along the Okanagan
I will take “No,” for an answer
don’t the tables look nice with the candles…?
oh, you’ve cut your hand

Communitas isn’t nice
like the Hindenburg
(wake up Bix)
and all knowledge conceals itself
and since when does a lone writer get to talk about it?

the part in the middle
(no, not the hair!!!)
upon which the whole world stops,
and begins to turn the other way

Communitas s’pretty
it’s a screw-ball pitch and the umpire’s out cold
what else you gonna do when the grain’s been gathered?
come on, Irving, and feed the baby

the leopard eats its own heart
the sheet music stipulates yelling at certain moments
out of the cradle endlessly
Doc Turner’s driving us home

(Turner’s concept, denoting intense feelings of social togetherness and belonging, often in connection with rituals. In communitas, people stand together “outside” society, and society is strengthened by this. The concept is in many ways the opposite of Marx’s alienation or Durkheim’s anomie, and is closely related to the latter’s ideas about the “sacred” vs. the “profane”)

and who will weigh in?
les maitres fous are dancing
les maitres fous are burning
but it’s only anti-colonial discourse

Communitas isn’t liminal
(okay, the hair)
i think it’s rock n’ roll
and the village of the damned.


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