Dear Fraser Institute Lackey:

“…A free and prosperous world through choice, markets and responsibility.”
………….Fraser Institute webpage (

Your invitation was received today.
A “free student seminar
on public policy, oil pipelines,
crime, and the Canadian economy”.
After reading it over
and taking a quick look
at the Fraser Institute’s
record of distortion,
of neocon gobbledeygook
(and I thought there was no such thing
as a free lunch?),
of perverse plutocratic leanings,
I’ve grown afraid.

I’m afraid of the world you are imagining,
I’m afraid of the way your minds work
over there, at the Fraser.
I’m afraid Stalin works there,
paring his nails
in a little cubicle next to Himmler.

I’m more than a little afraid
since your invitation
came via my university,
seems endorsed by my university,
but that can’t be so—because my university
is a place of mind, not distortion,
my university is respectful of free speech,
my university would never align itself
with phoney economics,
with fake science,
with those who would lie for profit.

No, I’m afraid there’s been some mistake
—this couldn’t have come from my university.
That would mean your Fraser Institute
and other cowardly bullshit artists like it
already work INSIDE my university!

I wonder about this “crime”
you’ll be discussing
with the Fraser Hare Krishna recruits:
will you mention your own
institute’s public dissemination
of falsehood, prejudice, and
misrepresentation of facts?
Are these not crimes worthy of discussion?
And what is the true cost
of putting up with such nonsense since 1974?
Good questions! THAT’S a seminar I’d attend.

I imagine an organisation
as unenlightened as yours
serving something unhealthy
for lunch,
like Twinkies and heavy cream.
But maybe you’ve seen the light
(or heard about it)
and instead proffer up some
shortbread and Sanka!
You know, stuff you can get at the Superstore.

I worry about what you’ll be telling
the folks who are too hungry
to stay away from your brown-shirt luncheon,
I worry you’ll sell them the pipeline,
strip-mines, clear-cuts, whale hunts,
concentration camps
and, therefore,
good for everyone.

I’m afraid,
as I imagine
eating your lunch, anyway,
because I’m a starving student,
I worry
if Jonestown, Guyana
wasn’t a Fraser Institute initiative,
gone wrong at the last minute
in the temple of personality.

Yes, I’m afraid…
afraid I won’t be joining you
for lunch.

[who funds the Fraser Institute?


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