Dear art consumer:

CJLY’s Noam Ash, potter, host of Insects & Robots, and all-round nice guy.

Please. Be welcome.
Come in again.
Remember these walls,
these objects.
They recall the caves,
the rock shelters
of 70,000 years ago.
We are trying.
To make sense of it all.
The first people.
The anatomically
modern humans.
They stored information
outside of their heads.
Just like us!
They used words
to speak of the world.
Just like us!
They had headaches, warts,
and died too soon.
Just like we do!
they organized things.
Named names.
Built shelters,
made clothing.
But still,
they needed the art.
They needed to make sense.
Archaeological evidence
reveals they went
back to the caves,
the rock shelters,
again and again.
Rituals embed meaning
in the consciousness.
Rituals reinforce social bonds.
The art way back then,
of mammoths, ibyx, bison,
kangaroo, auk, people.
These were animals
in the social landscapes
of the artists.
Our walls, as well,
are trying to make sense.
These walls, also,
are enriched by ritual.
Dear art consumer.
The art has always been with us.
Long after our names are lost,
art will speak of the world.
Be welcome. Please. Come in

– Clay McCann


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