crisis of sentrepreation

“Something powerful remains hidden in things beyond the candy-store names with which we have painted the world…as Dan Rose has said, ‘all knowledge conceals itself'”
………………………………..- Clay

You think I don’t see the animals, staring in wonder, envious of my humanly abilities to abstract, to describe, to portray the world in signs? If they only knew, suspected at the pages of dross, of pseudo-science (sociology) I have to wade through this week…why they’d rightly imagine this civilizing process comes at too great a cost. If they had the temporal lobes. If they weren’t connected by underground wires. If they were autonomous wax practicing maxillary back-tax fractional analysis.

But I digress.

What about pointing? Is that representation? Can’t I show someone a glass and say, “This.” Is that representation? Don’t we (everyday) express meaning through action, without saying a thing? None of this seems covered by the semioticians. Don’t even get me started on sex.

I said, “don’t.”


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