a moral compass

10 Core Competencies valued across all employment sectors:

1. Personal management
Personal management means that you understand yourself and are conscious of the implications of your
interactions with others.
2. Communication
Communication means that you’re comfortable using a broad range of communication styles and you choose appropriate,
effective ways to communicate to different audiences in diverse situations.
3. Managing information
Managing information means that you are able to think critically and gather, sort, store and use information to turn data into
4. Research and analysis
Research and analysis means that you use information from a variety of sources—including personal experience and your own
observations—to identify options and solve problems.
5. Project and task management
Project and task management means that you plan, implement, manage and measure projects and tasks in a timely and directed
6. Teamwork
Teamwork means that you work cooperatively and collaboratively with others to achieve collective goals.
7. Commitment to quality
Commitment to quality means that you take pride in your work and strive for excellence to achieve the best possible results.
8. Professional behaviour
Professional behaviour means you use sound judgment to meet or exceed your guidelines, standards and expectations.
9. Social responsibility
Social responsibility means that you recognize how your beliefs, ethics and actions fit within the context of a greater community.
10. Continuous learning
Continuous learning means that you pursue and apply new knowledge and skills in all of your experiences.


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