draw your pay

Inscription for a sketch pad

draw something.
draw the future.

your life,
as you would like it to be.

draw your face
as it will appear in 20 years.

draw your wife, your husband.
your child, your home.

draw your body
at rest,
in its coffin.

draw the blinding whiteness
as it cleared into thin air
on the day you were born.

draw your breath,
cut short in orgasm
the first time you made love.

if you fell in love.

draw the gun,
leveled at your temple,
drawn away,
returned to its drawer.

draw the sun
falling through the clouds
on your last day.

draw your death:
is it glorious?

draw these lies,
of their consequence,
as they spread throughout this book
–a flood, a torrent–
forever changing the hand, the eye, the mind.

draw the change.


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