a loaded 44

Life & How to Live It

In colour, of course,
Blood red in your birthing,
On fire if you can swing it, orange, sure,
When they towel you to get a good look.

Picasso’s deep blue sea, sky, eyes, cold lips
– Much of this –
Never light baby blues of crib death,
Or vapid valium baby pink.
When mother leaves you in the burling sink,
Do be yellow
In the marrow gardens of pre-school:
If yellow is the colour of cowards,
Turn inside out,
Wear it on the sleeves,
Through the eyelids of bus-ride sunrise.

Black. Lost in dilated pupil, piano key,
The always night of internal organs, bow ties,
A parent’s death in the brightest summer day.

(Cocaine is white, right?) White: White is
Correlative to a glass of red wine, or a
Severed artery-note to self:
Always suicide in white for maximum visual
White when all goes black.

If you age, if you must,
Turn to brown for a colour to trust
-Shoe polish, moustaches, watch bands,
Poop, chocolate: things constant
And rhythmic.
Umber, when you slumber, in cardigans,

Red, again, for lovemaking, as in
Red roses, red penny loafers.
Red and purple genitals
-Oh, red, why can’t I leave you alone?

Navy blue and khaki for killing
Your brothers in great numbers,
Grey for solemn peace, dramatic rain,
Old men with canes, a lady’s withered hand,
The aged wedding band, my grandfather’s hair.

Wear orange when you wander into traffic,
Knowing there are risks inherent with such
An act.

Neon pink for drugs and other insects,

Two-tone radon green swamp gas jackets
When drowning,
Blue-bottle milk flesh after drowning,
When your fatty tissue turns to soap:
(Plant you like a bulb).

Greens, like scallions, grass,
Pain in your dying, like glass,
White-hot in the spasm of self-sorrow loss.

Remember all that holding the colour in?
It’s a sin.
In heaven, hell, they let the colours win.


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