incident report


we are the world
we are charged with trespassing
we are called to the rapture
we are, like, totally
we are family

we are what we do (and who we do it to)
we are wolves
well, we’re big rock singers, we got golden fingers…
we, the people
we are robots

we are the champions
we are the strange(ly familiar)

we are the furry fury
we they
we are saying give peace a chance
we are all Danes now
we three kings of orient are

we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!
we are hard pressed
we shall overcome
we are past the point of no return
we are familiar with the personal vs. the popular

we’re coming to your town,
we’re gonna burn it down…

we lay our weary heads to rest
(don’t we cry no more).


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