Lincoln Abraham, my arab uncle

When cultivating a national consciousness, myth may accord with fact.
…………………………………….- Kildare Dobbs

i am working on DISCOVERY.
i want to……… CANADA,
pulpy BLOOD in the heart of canada,
ride down MAIN st. at dusk
clap-board houses dripping SNOW.
see leathern faces of the AGED
WISDOM off their drawling TONGUES.
sleep in cheap hotels
drink dream DREAM
of rusty bedsprings
and this mighty house full of spiders STRANGERS
–for the 1st time, the first time.

i had a friend
a portrait artist ARTIST
who spoke to me of PROBLEMS
inherent in CREATION.
He read Calvino.
He took a lot of DRUGS.
Now he paints floors, lives in GASTOWN.
He is afRAID of spiders.
He has a lump in his abdomen.

i am writing the GREAT CDN. NOVEL. i am not
writing it, the G.C.N.,
i am.
Either way: these are stark STARK letters,
i don’t work in COLOUR.
SOME may think this uninspired,

i’m tRying to hear THUNDER ‘cross the Plains
of ABRAHAM (Ibrahim).
It rumbles like CHAIRS being DRAGGED through
a DARK and EMPTY church
—on on until it rolls away…
i’m having trouble with this ECSTATIC VISION,
i see MONTCALM dying,
bathed in the AURA splendor
common to the heroic death struggle (DEATH)
he is GAGGING.
Eyes averted,
no longer hears the battle RAGING.
he is ascending—this great general—
and as he RISES
begins a-danCING.
below, his countrymen sue for PEACE,
Cherubim and Seraphim ABOUNDING.
……….Cartier is among them singing of ST. MALO….

N.B. the following images were discarded during the copious rewrites and are free to a good home:
a) cigarette smoke b) uncertain forests c) TYRNNY OF SELF (not really an image) d) an eskimo disrobing e) ‘soap eater’ f) a roadside destitute


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