tristes tropiques

a song in
my head
it won’t
guy with
song his
head on end
less loop he pulls
he pulls
his wires try
his heart it bursts
to flame the song
goes on on, ononon on:

a song a man whose
song in heart
it comes to life
loose from
ribs lung jailor wings

jangle string of
giant pubic
hair &
sung &
falls & seems a
hole sketch’d wide
walk side it
flies stretch-etch’t

a wire this song
to desert
sung to lone
snake sunk
‘pon floors
of deep or frozen
seas this song so
sung so long
in real for
gets it was a song for
gets the he
throat chest where
once it dwelt this
song it flees and
finds my love and
tells i’ll
die with
out her how i can’t
go on the
song sez:

wept and sore how
sorrow broke and
break recede
til sun in me
warm’d a piece
of life this song
grow fill
ed my headheart
pulled out all
my spiders leech
black mold cask
it pine
made for her
a place inside
th’song so bright it
lit by tin
moon burst calm
that song
went just like this:

on island tropic palm the shade spread late
waters fade fires orange the black two lovers sit the joy
the man he say, “i must to forest & catch a golden
bird, i love you, show this love of mine,”

the woman say, “don’t, for any bird or thing—happy here,
fire, our love is fine: don’t you love me, won’t you stay?”

but the man just turns and sets the night,
away, away he flies—a little golden bird.

now, wait the song it doesn’t
go like this how could it
such a sad when
i’ve been saying it was
the sort of catchy number
inside the head the
heart my lover brings her
back no really it
just goes: “Lah!”

or, rather: a song in my
head it won’t shut up
of a guy with a song
his head his love
she’s gone
he sings
to keep from broking
sings to
stop the shakes he sings
he pulls out all his
strings seeks the short
the fuze in vain con
nect it all it’s arc’ing
sparks his heart it
burst to flames he
sings it over over oh:

a song an eye
tropics palm
the shade spread late
the sea
the coals
lovers red
sweet the joy

and lover say
“you left with
out a word
you left you did now
you want it back—the bird,
too late, my bird, too
late the hour, it is,
selah, selah: so long.”

and the man he’s me
he say,
“this song
of a fool
with hole in heart
flames in head,
the song it leaps
to save
it self the man a hole
his heart on
fire the fool the
song it leapt
from jail
a bird at
loose at last be
yond the broke
in rubs ling wang bar chains

this song
song done
with sung
fool, the man,”
that song
a giant mess of
jangled public hair
of notes and sharps and flats
tremble bass bull whip
coda clefs al fine
second chorus of longing
every good boy deserves
thing it seems like
a hole when it
sketch the walk
ways naked trees
it soars!
a wire out
‘pon desert sung
itself the lonely snake
a wing to silent mice
in mattress song
the grasping owl songs
fall the ground
piano ants, worms
teacup bits sink
to downs of a deep and ancient
lake pianissmo sturgeon silent
throneroom clam
green & gilded halls
stained glass waves
song so long
with added verse crescendo
diminuendo il postino
the song forgets it is a song
the dia
lung wing
’til flaming heart verse twelve
the song recall and seeks
my love, my heart
just die alone
the song will, too
i wept and wept some
the deep woods dark
July and June
my knees to beg
himmel: please!
how sorrow broke
to million, zillion fire-fly
light night light
my heart a bit of rib or
lung or wings
until this song
it lives!!
and fills my he
pulls spider flies
(gave them all good names)
tore up my fear
bleach’t black mold
pried long-chain’d doors
sheets clean
velvet waits
a place she’ll never
the song so bright
by tinsel light
moon reflect our skin
so comet stars
borora sun
and flame t’ward noon
red cloud coals
the song just had
to go
to find
to show
and the song just went
and went
and it went like this:

into her song
sung not of me
sang not to me
sings of song herself
her song:

i’m never coming home.”


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