ghost: black hearted

Ginger Witch

this song about the last time.
this song about the time before that.
that time.

and this song
it gets hopeful
for awhile.

when i didn’t know it was over.
when i was still happy.
a happy ghost.

it was Hallowe’en.
you were the knife,
crawling out in the yard.

you were cut glass,
the shard in the bath.
fragments in the finger.

you were the invisible woman
at the party of vanishing men.

you were the angry witch
spilling drinks on the rug.

you were the vampire
with the needles in her neck.

you were Greta Garbo
to my pathetic Tarrentino.

you were the stars,
to my painful light of day.

i saw your cometracing.
i saw.

and this song
it doesn’t forget.

this song
that sings itself.
over over over overoveroh.


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