a tall, spooky tale

Soon a great weariness came over the people. They slept at the market; they slept over their dinners; they slouched in the gardens. And though the people snored loudly all the day long, at night they tossed in their sheets, afraid of some dark and nameless thing. They were terribly worried.

“Hey, maybe we should talk about this thing that is keeping us all awake at night,” said one of the people.

“What thing are you talking about?” laughed the others, “What ever is keeping you awake is surely not bothering us, foolish one.”

And so nobody talked about the thing, the dark and nameless thing inside of all of them. And because nobody talked about it, it was allowed to grow and strengthen and soon it was no longer just in the dreams of the people but in the world, also.

The dark and nameless thing was seen one day in the forest by two children. They grew frightened and ran into the village where they lived. “We have seen something terrible! A giant blackness in the forest!”

“Whose children are you?” asked a village official.

“The poor school teacher is our father,” they replied.

“Go home now,” said the official, “and forget about what you saw.” But the children could not forget – how could they?

The world soon became a place of devastation, for the giant roamed the country side tearing up trees, spoiling the waters and killing all the woodland animals. Even the terrible gas which roared out of him after eating his gigantic feasts began to spoil all the air. And the sleepy people could do nothing – they were so tired and so full of disbelief. And those who did believe were forced into silence.

“Help!!!” cried a man one day as he ran into the village. The people gathered around him. “Help!” he cried again, “A dark and nameless thing has eaten up all the world, and is about to


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