what i squeezed out of summer
could be stuffed in the gaping mouth
of the plastic Zeller’s pony

what i failed to suck out of summer vacation
could fill the sky above the Snowbirds Air Show

what i failed to steal from summer’s hold
could overflow the corral
at the Circle-Square Bible Camp

what i failed to sense through summer vacation
could cover every country fair
with a cloud of hostile bees
and pink cotton candy

what i mistook for fun during those summers
could distract an army of plastic green soldiers
and one martry’d magnifying glass housefly

what i failed to discern in my summer’s vacation
could fill Wellesley Hospital (and did)
with stitched-up, blood-caked, sun-stroked panic

what i failed to realize during summer
could occupy every day-care nappy time
with a billion black tornado dreams

it was a one-ride-only sort of deal,
there would be just the one sonic boom,
one glimpse
of the sad, silent Christ,
one ride only,
one exhausted collapse,
a blood-drunk mosquito.

the first, soft sweep
of a chalkboard eraser
could swiftly clear the way


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