my Yankee lover: get well soon

The Prison is now as large as the planet, and it’s allotted zones can
vary and can be termed worksite, refugee camp, shopping mall, periphery,
ghetto, office block, favela, suburb. What is essential is those incarcerated in these zones are fellow prisoners.

-John Berger

Hey. Sorry to hear about this mess with your mother. I’m sending
blessings onto the problem. I’m pouring cream rinse over the tangles
and dry patches of the problem. I’m bringing puppies over to the problem,
so the problem can relax and feel the love that only puppy-love can bring.

I’m making a home delivery of organic produce and wheat-grass
because the problem is shut in,
hasn’t had a good meal
in months, and could very well disappear into the TV set.

But no, that won’t happen to the problem,
not with the back-rub
I lay on the problem,
the foot-rub, reiki, and hot stones (not the band),
the acupuncture/pressure, the rub&tug,
the mud-mask, the netty pot,
the luffa, the cuticle cleaning,
the exfoliating power of the blessings I’m sending.

Kittens, now.


2 responses to “my Yankee lover: get well soon

  1. Seriously asking this question…What does Yankee mean when said/written by a Canadian or to a Canadian?

    and a leap forward, with humorous reference to your more recent post…drawing out ethnicity and irony and myth…2 good old boys playing on southern stereotypes and critiquing political pov.

  2. “Yankee,” as spoke by this Canadian means quite a lot. My family (Hawkins) were Connecticut U.E.L.s who lost everything to the revolution and fled into Upper Canada to make new lives for themselves. “Yankee,” we say, “thief.”

    During the Civil War several Hawkins and Robertsons (also relatives) sailed across L. Ontario to Rochester and signed up with the NY State Militia to fight in the Union Army. Upon signing up (as mercenaries) they were paid $1,500 each and given full soldiering kit (including valuable repeater rifles). And they vanished in the night, back to Ontario with the loot.

    The next trip was to Syracuse, same results. Then to Buffalo. This is how the Hawkins/Roberstons built their farms and homesteads and paid the Yankees back in full.

    We also helped burn down the White House (War of 1812).

    – love,

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