node to my tapeworm

slip through me
like a narcotic
turned sour,

my prison, your palace–
remain as long as you can,
boa obstructor;

you’ve a taste
for my weakness;

go where i go,
meet whom i meet,
desire, devour;

i, your entire universe
–the always night
of distant stars,
ponderous planets
(appendix, bladder),
murmurs from beyond;

you, as soul:
blanched, vaseline’d,
and spineless;

at night i feel your tears,
forever isolated
in the valley of intesta;

i ask
you leave me
a little,
enough to get by;

we’re in this together:
me, in the brother/sister/neighbour-hood,
you, an only, spoiled child.


2 responses to “node to my tapeworm

  1. Thanks, Kristin! I am very hung over just now and have nothing very interesting to say. Thank you for liking the poem. A liking viking. On a bike. Yike.

    – love,

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