routines hysteri-lyric




3 responses to “routines hysteri-lyric

  1. I thought you were responding to something I had written and then I realized that I had unwritten the part where I called myself miserly and hesitant never made it to the page. perhaps its the epilepsy.

    what about marshmellows in the jello? ciao

  2. Funny…I brought a treasure chest of marshmallows to the potluck! No jello, however, as my fridge is home to a small band of mousterians (Neanderthals) just now. The smoke and fire keep things too warm for gelatin to congeal. I really wish they’d move on. They’ve got a half-eaten mammoth in the freezer and the tusks keep catching on my knitted sleeves. Every time I open the door they stare up at the sudden light-bulb. Can spring be that far off?

    – love,

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