Questions for Clay’s Upcoming Seminar

It is difficult to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every day
for lack of what is found there.
– W.C.Williams, “Asphodel, that Greeny Flower”

A. Might one think of ‘literature’ (meaning fine arts writing) as part of the ‘legitimate’ category of qualitative research methods?

2. What does ‘inquiry’ mean in the fine arts? What traditionally constituted ‘serious’ inquiry?

iii. Form (n) Form (v) Formal analysis. Formalism. Formative research. >not really a question<

*. How might poetry inform ethnographic inquiry? What are poetry’s strong suits?

M. Consider your medium/media of choice. What is normal practice? What practice(s) might you consider beyond the constraints of your field?


3 responses to “Questions for Clay’s Upcoming Seminar

  1. Hi Clay,

    Great questions for us to ponder. You take us beyond your work. I think i’m navel gazing in my seminar as it’s planned thus far…hmmm…should that be of concerned?

    Anywhooo…in response to your question about ethnographic research and poetry…i first have a question, “what is ethopoetics” and is that related in any way to what you are doing? Second, I have a favorite fictional ethnography that I wonder if you’ve read, Motel of the Mysteries
    I think I thought of thinking about, like totally sorta, motel of the mysteries because “poetry” cues me to “fiction” but then again, in your quote above, you bring poetry into the real, into a reporter of the news…whose quote is that, I’m to lazy to look. So long for now.

  2. So… no, I have not read Motel of the Mysteries (too bad one cannot italicize in Comments). I would like to. We missed you so much at the water fall/German shnitzel experiment. I have readings for you, which I will present at the potluck? Otherwise, I dunno. What are taking/bringing for the pretty Platypus potluck party people? I was thinking green jello with carrot and raisins–just like Granny used to make!

    Have a day that is so good it almost keels you over with star-flame flamingo song!

    – love,

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