the twin engines of lust and boredom

pine cone’s Plenty of Fish profile:
i am the suicide bomber
i am up to 50% off

i am religious fundamentalists
i am midnight madness
i am churches of the south, mosques of the east
i am no money down

i am an rpg, fired from a sewer
i am buy one get one free
i am
i am the old testament
i am a no hassle guarantee
i am intifadah
i am double air miles
i am a hijacking

i am a factory rebate
i am
i am israeli terrorism masked as self-determination
i am in-store special

i am american terrorism masked as freedom
i am all new arrivals

i am a match to a hornets’ nest
i am neo-liberal corporate anarchy

i am chili cheese dog, destroyer of infidels.


2 responses to “the twin engines of lust and boredom

  1. Oh… yes. Well, it sorta went like, “…I give you my dialogue,” meaning the idea of speaking, of back and forth, dialectic, thesis-antithesis-sythesis. I am up at my friend’s ranch and a cougar killed all his turkeys today. I had to go out and round up the remains and burn them. It was very disheartening. One turkey survived but I can’t catch it! I wonder how well it will fare in the night bush?

    – Clay

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