call me Perv.

Starbucks with pine cone, waiting out the rinse cycle over at the Laundromatic. I never frequent this franchise but there’s no internet at my house until the 19th. Some dude just came in and introduced himself to the barbies behind the counter, “I’m Martin,” and one of the barbies said, “I’m Katie,” and they actually shook hands. I was puking but I’m sure it was a firm shake. Then Katie-barbie said, “I’m terrible with names but I’ll try and remember,” and Martin says, “Well, call me Perv, that’s easier.” That shut down the friendly smiles behind the counter. Katie-barbie looked away, like she was thinking of going into the back and pouring bleach over her hand-shake hand. The other barbie-barbie had this weird church smile crumbling off her face. She fought it hard, the crumbling, but eventually revulsion won out. It must be the $8.25/hr that made her try so hard. So, yeah, the rinse must be done.


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