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  1. Kristin! I love your sweater! I bet Tristan Tzara would’ve loved it, too! I bet Paul Simonon would love it! I bet Jackie O would’ve loved it! Sweater?! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh. Well, uh, perhaps it is not appropriate to talk about your clothes without discussing mine. Today I am wearing an “I (heart) NY” shirt with the (heart) blacked out. I am in a cafe. The girl behind the counter said, “That’s a good shirt for today,” and I said, “Oh?” and she said, “September 11th?” and I felt pretty bad, even though she didn’t seem to notice the (heart) was blacked out. When I made the shirt I thought it was pretty punk-rock but maybe I should have thought a little more about it before I left the house. Whatever, I’m just glad George Bush is gone.

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